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LiDAR pursuits, anyone?

As many of you know, a national 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) initiative is being developed to respond to growing needs for high-quality topographic data and a wide range of other three-dimensional representations of the Nation's natural and constructed features. The primary goal of 3DEP is to systematically collect enhanced elevation data in the form of high-quality light detection and ranging (lidar) data across the United States. In Arizona, we might have increased opportunities for federal partnership funding with such large federal land holdings (and presumed interest from managing agencies).  To imagine this better (visually :-)) See link, zoom into AZ, and turn on the following layers:

  • National Park Service Labels 
  • National Park System Locations 
  • National Park Service Boundaries 
  • -Legislated 
  • -Legacy 
  • National Wildlife Refuges (>3M) 
  • -NWRS, Fee 
  • -WPA, Fee 
  • -NWRS/NFH, Easement 
  • -WPA, Easement 
  • -Agreement 
  • -Secondary to other Federal 
  • -Partial Interest 
  • USGS_Requirements 
  • USACE_3DEP_AreasOfInterest 
  • LiDAR_Request 
  • Topographic Lidar 
  • Meets 3DEP base-level specification for lidar 

The upcoming planning cycle looks like this:

  • Public Meetings with USGS (5/1 - 6/30)  NOTE: ours is tentatively being planned for by USGS, at a Phoenix location, on June 9th
  • Pre-proposal submissions (7/17 - 8/25)
  • Feedback on pre-proposals (by 9/11)
  • Proposal submission (9/14 - 10/23)
  • Selections announced 11/27 - 2/28)

It is recommended by NSGIC that states have all their defined/planned/dreamed LiDAR project areas uploaded onto
SeaSketch at least one (1) week before their State/Regional Meeting is held.  They also recommend that all interested parties and
potential project/funding partners from around the state attend the USGS
Public Workshop.

In preparation for your State meeting, please go to the SeaSketch site here
- http://www.seasketch.org/#projecthomepage/5272840f6ec5f42d210016e4/layers,
create a personal account, and begin to add your state/regional/local LiDAR
projects onto the map ASAP.  The sooner your area of interests are on the
map [with or without funding] the sooner the conversation can begin to help
move your project areas forward.  The example below envisions a
theoretical $1 million dollar 3DEP project and  potentially how a
multi-tier partner funding team could come together through this effort. 

  • State Agency X: $100,000
  • State Agency Y: $50,000
  • State Agency Z: $50,000
  • County X: $50,000
  • County Y: $50,000
  • County Z: $50,000

Total: $350,000

  • Federal Agency X - Regional funds: $100,000
  • FEMA Regional funds: $50,000
  • NRCS Regional funds: $100,000
  • NPS : $25,000
  • USGS Project funds: $25,000

Total: $300,0003DEP Request: $350,000Finally, for more
information on 3DEP see pages on Geospatial Platform here: https://www.geoplatform.gov/elevation/3DEP

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